Will you please tell Google what this blog post is all about?

No words needed to give it away. Leave your comments below! πŸ™‚

12 comments to Will you please tell Google what this blog post is all about?

  • alex

    Google does have software today that transcribes videos.

    • Alex,

      This is true :). but for now, Google seems to index videos based on the captions and comments, not so much on speech to text technology.

      Thanks for the comment πŸ™‚

  • This video is about a brilliant marketing Rabbi, who with the help of me will have google figure out what his video is about.

    How to grow your business by allowing your ideas to be pirated and downloaded for free. sounds crazy ? yes, but have you tried it ??

  • Nice video.
    Okay, here’s how I’d tag it:

    Good luck,

  • Dovid F

    Issamar took the problem of piracy and turned it into a great marketing opportunity. He is a great out of the box thinker.

  • Reb Issamar, makes every bit of sense. As someone had put it, the best price structure is free, free, free, fee, free.

  • The Book of Proverbs tells us that “stolen water tastes sweet”. How can that be? How does it apply in our daily lives and how can we harness this concept to help us in honest business?
    Find out on http://www.issamar.com
    I want to thank Issamar for sharing with us his secrets of Kosher, Honest, Win-win marketing.

  • Issamar, this is a good and frequent example of “marketing ju-jitsu” and amplifying the power of free. I’d take it one step further and include bouncebacks all through the e-book: other offers besides “sign up for my mailing list”–stuff they can buy, etc.

    –Shel Horowitz, primary author, Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green

    • Thanks, Shel, VERY True.

      The “power” of this is that when you give someone a free eBook, they consider it free, and thus, not too valuable.

      but when someone downloads something that they FEEL costs lots of money, but THEY didn’t pay it, they are much more likely to absorb the insights and become a part of your world…. sign up for your list… and eventually become paying customers.

  • Rabbi, I just listened to a video by Anthony Robinson today – that I got for free by completing a survey that came through email. I’m a southern gal so when someone asks for my opinion it is impossible to not oblige them. I obliged Mr. Robinson and was pleasantly surprised to find the excellent video of tons of free advice on the other end of the survey. I learned or had several things re-enforced.
    (1) We do sow what we reap. I sowed giving and reaped it as well.
    (2) Information, even the best of information, is valuable ONLY if we put it into practice. What both pirates and potential clients are doing is learning about a great idea, only those with the heart to sow what they learn from you will reap anything. And as we all know, you can’t sow or reap figs from a thorn bush. If someone pirates information from you they may not see it as *pirating* or even know that what they have done is pirate the information. If they put the information into practice and reap a benefit then they will say, “The rabbi was right!” and you have made a fan and more likely, a new client.
    (3) The wind spreads seeds far and wide – all for free, never considering the cost. Generosity is the wind the seeds are carried on. Whether your book is pirated, given away or sold, the further ideas spread, the bigger your crop. Seeds only grow in fertile soil. The farther the seeds spread the more likely they are to find fertile soil. Only seeds that find fertile soil grow. And only seeds that grow can produce. All that is produced from your book is ultimately fruit you will reap in some form or fashion. Don’t trust the seed. Trust the process of sowing and reaping.

    Conclusion? Give it away, let people pirate it, call it whatever you want. Ideas are seeds and unless they are planted they will not produce fruit. Those who harvest know where the good seed comes from and will return for more seed.

  • Issamar,

    As always nice hearing you.
    Google does have software today that transcribes videos but thanks for this video.


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