Only have $5 to spend marketing your business?

One of the biggest challenges I often hear from people starting a new business and entrepreneurs on a shoestring budget is:

I know marketing is important, but I don’t have the money to make it happen…”

All you need is a little creativity…. and you can make some amazing things happen for your small business marketing.

in this blog post, I want to focus on a website called fiverr.


But first; a warning: fiverr is addictive. it’s quite easy to spend $40-50 bucks on a few gigs that are just too good to pass up.


Fiverr is a site that is brilliant, fun, and valuable.  Jobs, (which are known as “fiverr gigs”) are priced at $5, across the entire site.

Gigs are divided into different categories, such as Funny and Bizarre, Social Marketing, Graphics, Writing, Technology, Business, Silly Stuff and Programming.

I’ve had a couple of gigs done for While they aren’t the type of class that I personally use for my marketing, they are a great way of getting a quick demo or mock-up done… or, for example, getting someone with specific expertise to do a task for you. I’ve personally used fiver to have a letter written and phone call made on my behalf in Chinese, and to phone out specific insights for iPhone app development. ($5 got me an hour of time with a programmer on the phone who gave me priceless insights in regards to a project i’m working on for a client.) You can also get hundreds of views for your YouTube videos, LinkedIn recommendations (unbelievable!!) and a logo designed for your business…

Here are some of the gigs I had done, for the grand price of $5 apiece. Enjoy!

Jordan Confession. Offbeat… but different.

Your words or business logo etched in Stone. Really like this one!

Logo in ink- Great intro to your vlog posts and videos. or your website!

Remy Recommends Small Business Marketing Expert Rabbi Issamar

and, my favorite small business marketing video so far:


This gave me material for a marketing experiment, new connections to make… and a great blog post that will attract new eyeballs and new viewers to my blog.

Side thought: There area ton of gigs offering “video testimonials”, which seem to be a very seedy pat of the site- I can imagie ad youtube and video technology improves, it will be quite easy to identify who the paid shills are that say anything for $5.

And as the Federal Trade Commission has cracked down on fake testimonials, I think it’s a mistake for fiverr to allow these to exists- it drags down the site as a whole.

Tell me: How could You use one of these $5 fiverr gigs to generate buzz and interest? 

3 comments to Only have $5 to spend marketing your business?

  • Issamar is right. You absolutely must check out fiverr now. It’s THE best way to get powerful inexpensive but effective marketing.

  • Dan

    Issamar, who did the last video on this page? A steal for $5.

  • Marc

    Rabbi Issamer,

    I’ve loved you from day one. I was introduced to you by Lou Landau a while back when I helped him build his internet success course two years ago, and I’ve been following you on facebook and twitter.

    Thanks for the awesome free stuff you teach, it’s been awesome learning from you. I’ve started my own blog to document my success online, and I’m def learning from you.


    Marc Heuberger

    PS. Fiverr has always been a great resource for me. Thanks for sharing my secret to the world :-p

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